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Webinar: BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement Fund

Contact: Steve HarrMunsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. recently hosted a free webinar regarding the BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement Fund. This webinar is now available as a recording for TAGLaw members and their clients to view. ..

Florida Supreme Court Holds Contract’s Arbitration Provision Reaches Fraud Claim

Contact: Berger Singerman (Florida, USA)

On January 31, 2013, the Florida Supreme Court resolved a district split in an opinion holding that allegations of fraud based on actions taken prior to the execution of a contract were still subject to an arbitration provision contained in the contract.

Download the entire article. 

Does an indemnity for costs in a commercial contract mean anything?

Contact: Antony Morris; Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England)

Many commercial agreements contain clauses stating that one party is required to indemnify the other part for legal costs in the event of a breach of contract...

Clampdown by the Courts on claimants who fraudulently exaggerate the value of their claims

Contact: Jack Ridings and Chris Tayton; Clarkslegal (Reading, England)

A perennial problem faced by the Courts is the temptation by claimants to overstate the value of their claims. The problem is particularly acute in personal injury claims with insurers often taking the brunt of the increased compensation awards which then filter down to consumers through higher insurance premiums. However, the problem..

Court Affirms That Non-Competes Are Enforceable Following an Asset Sale

Contact: Berger Singerman (Florida, USA)

Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, reversing the trial court, held that a company’s sale of all of its intangible assets included the right to enforce a non-compete agreement against a former employee, bringing substantial clarity to the area.  The opinion further demonstrates how employers may preserve goodwill, confidential information and trade secrets by treating non-compete enforcement rights as intangible assets, which may be transferred by assignment, at least in connection with a sale of all of the employer’s assets.

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