McKnew, Natalma M.

  Greenville, South Carolina, USA
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Ms. McKnew concentrates her practice in the areas of antitrust, franchising and dealerships, and intellectual property. Among the lawsuits she has handled are dealer and franchise termination cases, breakaway franchisees, franchisee termination and de-identification, post-termination enforcement, Sherman Act Section 1 and 2 actions in various industries (e.g., manufacturing, supermarket, insurance, real estate), trademark infringement, patent infringement, copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation. In addition, she handles franchise formation, distribution arrangements, and trademark proceedings.

Ms. McKnew has one daughter who is the pride and joy of her life and enjoys hiking, cooking, theatre, dance and foreign travel. She skis badly, but gamely. In her next life, she would like to run an occasional Asian restaurant.