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Alan Jessup specialises in tax law and has Masters Degrees in both Law and Taxation (both from Sydney University) and is an accredited mediator.

Alan has significant experience in both the corporate law and taxation requirements associated with managed investment schemes namely licensing, registration, PDS and taxation ruling or opinion including:

>       property trusts and syndicates

>       mortgage trusts

>       mezzanine funds

>       agribusiness schemes including forestry, viticulture, olives, stone fruit, cattle, tea tree, walnuts

>       mineral Exploration funds

>       secured Preference share funds.

He also provides advice on appropriate structures for personal and business including estate planning and asset protection for individuals through to major corporate reconstructions including succession planning.

He has also provided advice and drafted appropriate documents in relation to tax effective acquisition and disposal mechanisms, including:

>       demergers

>       mergers and consolidations

>       sales and purchases.

Alan also has extensive experience in relation to international tax matters including cross border acquisitions and dealings.

Alan has advised on tax and stamp duty relief measures, such as:

>       CGT concessions and exemptions including roll over reliefs and small business concession

>       GST-free supplies of going concerns

>       stamp duty exemptions

>       stamp duty reconstruction measures

>       income tax deductions and exemptions

>       preparation of applications for private rulings, product rulings and tax exemption

>       employee share schemes.

Alan works effectively with accountants in assisting them with their clients’ tax matters including providing tax sign-offs which are subject to legal professional privilege.

He is a member of the Tax Institute of Australia and a Member of the Tax and Financial Services Sections of the Union lnternationale Des Avocats.

Practice Area
Managed investment schemes