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Preslmayr Named Best in Austria!!!

Preslmayr Attorneys at Law have won The Client Choice Award 2005. Preslmayr has been ranked by international and national corporate counsels as the best law firm in Austria. The award was hosted by the International Law Office (ILO) London.

These international awards are the first and only to focus on the full spectrum of client service and customer care. This unique approach was reflected in the response to the survey from which the winners were short listed. Over 1,000 corporate counsel provided individual assessments of law firms they had worked with.

The criteria for the award focused on law firms' ability to add real value to their clients' business above and beyond the other players in the market. The firms were assessed on the following criteria: quality of legal advice; value for money; commercial awareness; effective communication; billing transparency; tailored fee structures; depth of team; response time; sharing of expertise; and use of technology.

Preslmayr, of course, is very proud of having been awarded as the one exclusive winner in Austria. We believe that this is also a great achievement for TAGLaw.

Frankfurt: The Birthplace of International Banking Now Hosts the Newest Addition to TIAG and TAGLaw: GGV

In the middle of the 18th century, international banking was born in Frankfurt-On-The-Main in Germany when Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name and founded the House of Rothschild.  Now, in the opening decade of the 21st century, GGV Grützmacher / Gravert / Viegener has become a boundary-spanning member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG) as well as TAGLaw, one of the top five legal alliances in the world.  Founded in 1974 by Dr. Rolf Grützmacher,  the firm is a multidisciplinary enterprise  with lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and notaries which has grown (without acquisitions) from the original two partners to 17 equity partners staffing offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Paris.  For more information about the firm, refer to the "Firm Profiles" section of this website.

Excitement in the Land of the Morning Calm:

Hankyul Law Firm Joins TAGLaw

Fifty-five years ago United Nations forces had just driven the North Korean army out of Seoul.  Korea was scarred by the ravages of war. Thus began the struggle to emerge from a "third world" poverty-stricken existence to become an economic success story in the closing decade of the 20th century.  With an area approximately equal to that of the American state of Indiana, and a population now approaching 50 million, the Republic of Korea has become a world player in the realms of semiconductors, wireless telecommunications equipment, motor vehicles, computers, steel, ships, and petrochemicals with exports in excess of $250 billion in 2004.  That year it had a positive trade balance approaching $30 billion.

Hankyul, pronounced "Hahn-Gyeol" and abbreviated as "HK", is a partnership of some of the most successful professionals in law, finance, and consulting stationed in the offices in Seoul and Beijing. Hankyul maintains the winningest litigation practice in civil, criminal, family and real estate areas in the country. Hankyul has now become one of the leading firms in corporate finance, international business transactions, intellectual property, internet law and venture consulting in Korea. Hankyul also maintains the largest practice in the country in entertainment law.

For more information about Hankyul, refer to the firm profile section of this website or go to 

New fund targets huge Europe – China potential

[Note:  Victor Chu, Chairman of First Eastern Investment Group, the leading domestic private equity firm in China.]

Beijing (September 6, 2005): First Eastern Investment Group announces the launch of a new direct investment fund focusing exclusively on the growing economic relationship between Europe and China. The General Partner of the new Euro-China Fund, L.P. (“the Fund”) will be FE Euro China Partners Limited, a member of First Eastern, the leading domestic private equity firm in China. First Eastern is a pioneer in private equity investments in China.  Over the last 15 years, First Eastern has been instrumental in generating over US$4 billion in direct investments through its portfolio of over 80 projects in China.

The European Union (EU) is China’s largest trading partner. Through this new Fund, First Eastern brings together some of Europe’s largest and most successful companies to contribute capital and expertise into the fast growing China market and to provide opportunities for emerging Chinese companies to expand into the European market.


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Lindquist and Vennum Becomes the TAGLaw Member for Colorado

Enjoy the view - TAGLaw now offers you opportunities in the Mile High City with the addition of Lindquist and Vennum's Denver office. Lindquist and Vennum PLLP, a Minneapolis-based firm that ranks in the National Law Journal 250, has been TAGLaw's member for Minnesota for several years.

This summer the firm's partners made a decision to apply for a second membership for its growing Denver operation, giving TAGLaw an enhanced presence in the rugged communities of America's Rocky Mountain West.