Success Stories

lindquist bressler amery ross“This year, Sagitec Solutions, LLC, a Twin Cities information technology solutions company and a Lindquist client, received a favorable decision aided by a TAGLaw partner firm. Lindquist provided the bulk of the work on this case, but was assisted throughout by Bressler, Amery & Ross in New Jersey. Specifically, Lindquist prepared the affidavits and factual portions of the briefs and Bressler researched New Jersey law and drafted the legal arguments. Ansis Viksnins argued at the injunction and summary judgment hearings and Bressler accompanied and provided valuable insights into local practice and procedure. The result was a very favorable decision for our client and is yet another strong example of two TAGLaw firms working together to achieve success for a client.”

—Karla Vehrs; Lindquist & Vennum (Minnesota, Colorado, South Dakota, USA)

kirton kuits kochhar“This is a developing story...because of our firms expertise in religious and charitable organizations, Robert Levy of Kuits Solicitors in Manchester, England  contacted me following the Edinburgh Conference to discuss the need of a potential client--a large religious charity based in India, which was looking to expand into North America. When I spoke to the client, it became apparent they needed initial help to consolidate thier legal identity in India before moving into other countries. I reached out to TAGLaw Member firm Kochhar & Co. in India to help them prior to resuming their push into the U.S. The client has appreciated the level of expertise we have and the willingness we have shown to share contacts in order to get the work done! We anticipate this will develop into work for all three TAGLaw firms: Kuits, Kirton McConkie and Kochhar & Co.!”

—Willis Orton, Kirton McConkie (Utah, USA)

martin pringle coblentz“At the Edinburgh Conference, Paul Tauber of Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, California, USA) asked me if we had someone who could help with a transaction that involved a Kansas company. I put him in touch with Doug Silvius and they recently completed this matter. I know Paul was very pleased with the cooperation and skill Doug brought to the deal and we hope it will continue with on-going work for the Kansas client. ”

—Jeff Kennedy; Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace & Bauer, LLP (Kansas, USA)

harper nysingh von briesen bressler“Alex Lever of Nysingh (Netherlands) referred a client to us last year who was looking to acquire a competitor in British Columbia. The acquired firm also had employees in Wisconsin, and we were able to retain von Briesen to look after US employment and corporate matters there. The client subsequently hired a North American director of sales from a competitor out of New Jersey. We were also able to retain Bressler, Amery & Ross in New Jersey to look after the employment matters and restrictive covenant issues that arose in that jurisdiction. The client was extremely pleased with the exceptional service they received from TAGLaw firms.”

—John Sullivan, Harper Grey LLP (British Columbia, Canada)

kuits budidjaja racine“Since joining TAGLaw, our cooperation with foreign law firms is immensely growing. Examples of such collaboration with TAGLaw members include:  working with Kuit Steinart Levy LLP (Manchester, England) to assist one of the biggest textile businesses in England through an Indonesian joint venture proceeding and working with South Toranomon Law Office (Japan) in providing legal opinion to one of the largest cement producers in Japan. Additionally, B&A is currently in cooperation with Racine Avocats (Paris, France) in assisting a European distributor of home appliances on the transfer of shares of a local timber company in Indonesia.”

—Tony Budidjaja, Budidjaja & Associates Lawyers (Indonesia)