Success Stories

jaffe blaney“This is one of many similar TAGLaw experiences I have had over the years. Recently, a U.S. client, a consulting and software firm, needed to form a Canadian entity on a very short timeline. We contacted TAGLaw member Blaney McMurtry in Toronto. Within one day, Blaney assembled the right team and got the job done. The client was happy and impressed.”

—Larry Jordan; Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss (Michigan, USA)

dorfman abrams kuri brena“Our client in New Jersey purchased the asset of a California company with a subsidiary in Mexico. That Mexican company operated as a Maquiladoras company. We had no knowledge of those provisions or how to set up a company in Mexico to operate under the Maquiladoras provisions. We contacted Guillermo Garay Espinosa at Kuri Breña (Mexico – TAGLaw) who then provided us with a significant amount of information on the subject. His firm has been retained as the client's Mexican law firm and is in the process of setting up the Mexican subsidiary as well as registering that subsidiary as a Maquiladoras company.” 

—Andrew Silverstein; Dorfman Abrams Music (New Jersey, USA – TIAG)

boodle hatfield munsch hardt“This is a non-traditional success story in that it deals with a TAGLaw member helping my oldest daughter who was studying abroad at the University of London. She is interested in law so I reached out to Simon Fitzpatrick of Boodle Hatfield in London to see if he would have lunch with her. He graciously agreed and scheduled lunch with her in London. At lunch, he invited her to the firm and she spent two days at Boodle Hatfield learning about their firm and their art practice. She even wrote a post for their blog.”

—Greg Noschese; Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr (Texas, USA)

“Throughout the years of our membership in TAGLaw, we have seen that the businesses of clients depend on professionals both within and outside of our country. The cooperation with colleagues of TAG Alliances has shown us that the teams of lawyers and accountants from different countries can form strong professional alliances that help their clients succeed. We are glad to have trustworthy cooperation partners around the world from TAGLaw, TIAG and TAG-SP firms. Together these three alliances form a strong worldwide net of business consultants and advisors.”

—Marko Pilv & Ilmar-Erik Aavakivi; LEADELL Pilv Law Office (Estonia)

“When asked to reflect on the importance of TAGLaw to our firm, the words elite, professional and reliable come to mind. Our firm has been a member of TAGLaw since 2002. Along with the impressive international networking, our firm values the proven efficient and dependable first-rate service that TAGLaw members have provided to our clients. One of our most impactful memories occurred a couple of years ago when a client in Colorado needed a time sensitive legal document notarized. Because our firm didn’t have an office in the area, we were able to call a TAGLaw colleague in Denver who in a matter of hours sent a paralegal to meet the client with the appropriate document. This experience not only impressed our client with our ability to move quickly but also assured us that our members are reliable and always have our back. Our firm is honored to be a part of a top-notch international alliance and we look forward to future successes with TAGLaw.”

—Larry Drapkin; Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA)