Success Stories

“...Working Together to Achieve Success for a Client.”

lindquist bressler amery ross“This year, Sagitec Solutions, LLC, a Twin Cities information technology solutions company and a Lindquist client, received a favorable decision aided by a TAGLaw partner firm. Lindquist provided the bulk of the work on this case, but was assisted throughout by Bressler, Amery & Ross in New Jersey. Specifically, Lindquist prepared the affidavits and factual portions of the briefs and Bressler researched New Jersey law and drafted the legal arguments. Ansis Viksnins argued at the injunction and summary judgment hearings and Bressler accompanied and provided valuable insights into local practice and procedure. The result was a very favorable decision for our client and is yet another strong example of two TAGLaw firms working together to achieve success for a client.”

—Karla Vehrs; Lindquist & Vennum (Minnesota, Colorado, South Dakota, USA)