Vincent Van Dessel, CEO of NYSE Euronext Brussels, Speaks at TAGLaw International Legal Conference in Brussels

TAGLaw®, one of the world’s leading law firm alliances, conducted its 27th international conference on October 22nd to 24th at The Conrad Hotel in Brussels. Vincent Van Dessel, the CEO of NYSE Euronext Brussels, delivered a talk on the future of public markets as a vehicle of financing for small and mid-sized enterprises.

TIAG®, TAGLaw's sister alliance of independent accounting firms, held its 19th international conference in parallel, and the two alliances conducted joint sessions on the third day of conference. In addition to hearing from Van Dessel, TAGLaw members discussed a number of important topics related to international law and legal practice management.  One of the most anticipated sessions at this conference was Deepak Malhotra’s talk on identifying leaders among lawyers.  “As Deepak is both a lawyer and now on the leadership team of a major international corporation, our members are excited to hear about the talents he sees as necessary to lead their firms forward,” said Bob Sattin, TAGLaw’s president, “This information is particularly valuable, since succession planning is one of the most important topics for high-quality law firms throughout the world.” Other sessions at the TAGLaw conference included:
  • 10 Steps to Growing Your International Business, Alex Holtum, Director, International Law Firm Solutions, Ltd.;
  • International Privileged and Confidential Communications: Pitfalls for the Unwary, John Jennings, In-House Counsel, Eastman Chemicals EMEA B.V.; and
  • The Art of Networking: Strategies for Engaging New Clients and Creating Relationships; Itzik Amiel, Founder and CEO, EG Group.

TAGLaw also offered breakout sessions on firm management and opportunities for specialists in various aspects of the law to exchange ideas and experiences.  

About TAGLaw:
Founded in 1998, TAGLaw is an international alliance of high-quality, independent law firms.  Combined with TIAG, an alliance of independent accounting firms, they provide professional legal, financial and accounting services on a worldwide scale. With approximately 8,000 professionals in over 260 member firms, and more than 500 offices in over 90 countries, the two alliances serve tens of thousands of clients from all industry and commercial sectors. Learn more about TAGLaw at