TAGLaw and TIAG Members Make Contribution to ShelterBox USA, Helping to Provide Aid for Disaster Survivors

TAG Foundation, the charitable foundation of TAGLaw® and TIAG®, contributed $5,000 to the charity ShelterBox USA during the alliances' recent international conferences in San Francisco. ShelterBox provides emergency supplies to survivors of disasters around the world.

“TAGLaw and TIAG are proud to offer this donation to ShelterBox on behalf of TAG Foundation,” said Bob Sattin, the president of the two alliances, “We began supporting ShelterBox in the wake of the tsunami that struck Fukushima, Japan. They impressed us as a charity that offered critical, life-saving help to the people most affected by a disaster. We are pleased to continue this relationship with ShelterBox by giving this donation.”

John Keane, a ShelterBox Director, spoke to the TAGLaw and TIAG members about ShelterBox’s recent activities so members could see how their contributions were being used to help people around the world. “On behalf of ShelterBox, I would like to thank the members of TAGLaw and TIAG for their generosity. Their contributions have and will help us save lives when a disaster strikes an area.” said Keane

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