GDPR SIDEBAR: Should You Be Complying with the New Data Protection Law?

Authors: By Dana B. Rosenfeld, Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik, Crystal N. Skelton, Sharon Kim Schiavetti, Christopher M. Loeffler, Ilunga Kalala, Katie Townley and Lauren Myers

You’ve probably heard of the dreaded four-letter word – GDPR.  Companies around the globe had been preparing for the May 25th implementation date for quite some time.  But U.S.-based companies with no apparent EU presence may not have thought twice about whether the data protection law across the pond even applies to them.  Let’s face it, we have enough federal and state laws here in the U.S. to worry about.  But now that the GDPR dust has settled a bit, these U.S. companies may want to take a closer to look to confirm they aren’t captured within GDPR’s sweeping scope.

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