“Dentons is not a threat” According to TAGLaw and Other Legal Alliances

TAGLaw has been featured in The Lawyer article "Network bosses: Dentons is not a threat." In response to Dentons' launch of the free Nextlaw Global Referral Network, Richard Attisha the President & CEO of TAGLaw, joins a panel of fellow legal association leaders to discuss the difference between "independent law firm networks" and "international law firms' networks".

Additionally, the article ranks TAGLaw as 2nd among the top international legal associations based on the number of member firms. 


Below is a quote from the article by TAGLaw President & CEO Richard Attisha:

lawyer networks chart"The fact that ‘referral’ is in the Dentons’ network name demonstrates the shortsighted vision of this endeavour. We understand that receiving referrals is paramount, but the majority of firms join an international network to expand their global reach and to provide their clients with expanded service...What we and other networks have created is not a directory or a ‘book of firms’. Instead, we have built communities of like-minded firms who together serve their clients and grow their firms. Our members, and the members of other global networks and alliances, come together to build relationships that go far beyond referrals." 

Read the entire article at the The Lawyer.