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Many of our clients have a need for current wealth management as they retire, decide to step back from active management of their own assets, sell a business or inherit wealth. At the request of our clients, our attorneys serve as trustees and agents. We help define goals, set objectives and coordinate various pockets of assets – retirement plans, low basis stock, investment accounts and pensions – to meet current cash flow needs and to provide for the future.

Because of our deep relationships with clients, we are well positioned after that client’s death to understand the family needs and provide long-term management and oversight for the client's spouse and subsequent generations by serving as trustee or executor.

The Fiduciary Services Group coordinates the custodial and investment aspects of asset management with the personal aspects of estate and retirement planning. We develop a plan designed to suit an individual client’s particular circumstances. Although we do not manage the investments ourselves, we carefully select investment managers who work closely with us and our clients. The result is an effective and cost-efficient long-term plan. Our clients like this arrangement because of the efficiency and security of having their affairs managed by their personal attorney who has detailed knowledge of their planning goals.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their assets are well managed for their security today and for their family’s security in the future.