Kvale Advokatfirma DA

Haakon VIIs gt. 10
P. O. Box Postboks 1752 Vika
Norway, 0161
 +47 22479700
 +47 21058585
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Kvale is a medium-sized law firm that provides legal assistance to Norwegian and foreign companies and business clients. It concentrates particularly on representing clients in manufacturing, retailing, the oil and energy sectors, banking and finance, service industries, telecommunications, the media and publishing. It holds a strong position as the representative of large and medium-sized manufacturing and commercial companies. Kvale acts on behalf of clients in all Norwegian courts and in domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

Practice Area
Company law, Capital markets, Acquisition and sale of businesses, Financing, Aviation, Restructuring, insolvency proceedings and credit security, Petroleum and energy law, Contracting law, Property, Competition and marketing law, Intellectual property law, Telecommunications, media and IT, Labour law, Insurance and compensation law, Wills and probate, inheritance planning, Negotiations and litigation.