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PO Box 1083
Cheyenne, Wyoming,
USA, 82003
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Hirst Applegate, LLP traces its history back to the 1930's. Over the years, the firm has built a strong reputation for effective trial work and the successful representation of a broad range of clients in Wyoming.

Today, the firm provides experienced legal service in its principal areas of practice: Litigation, Estate Planning & Estate Administration and Business & Real Estate Law.

Hirst Applegate handles litigation and appeals in all state and federal courts in Wyoming and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado. The firm has been actively involved in class action and multidistrict litigation throughout the country. Hirst Applegate also represents clients in administrative matters before local, state and federal agencies in Wyoming.

Hirst Applegate is experienced in working with regional, corporate and out-of-state counsel and local and out-of-state clients and their advisors. The firm is fully capable of accommodating each client's unique litigation needs and litigation and billing guidelines.