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The rules of the game are changing. To compete in the new economy, you need advisors who understand the nature of competition and can enable you to play to win -- the lawyers and professionals of Kelley Drye.

With offices in the nation's capital, Kelley Drye helps clients understand, affect and leverage the laws and regulations that can determine their ability to succeed in today's economy. While there are innumerable law firms in Washington, ours is the rare firm that is truly of Washington. Our lawyers have played leading roles in the legislative and regulatory community and continue to have contacts within and access to the legislative players, decision-makers and regulatory hierarchy.

Our clients are leaders in every major industry segment. Supported by Georgetown Economic Services, our in-house team of economic experts, our services include helping you:

  • Fully benefit from the laws of competition and trade regulation in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Enhance your intellectual property's contribution to the bottom line;
  • Influence the legislative and rulemaking process;
  • Take advantage of global trade opportunities;
  • Implement strategic alliances;
  • Maximize environmental compliance at minimal cost;
  • Develop winning advertising and marketing programs;
  • Leverage the power of the Internet and wireless communications; and
  • Fight to protect the core of your competitive strategy.

Since our founding, Kelley Drye's vast expertise has been focused on a singular mission: to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage. 


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