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Established in 1970, Bufete Rosa y Asociados is a law firm dedicated mainly to the representation and counsel of national, foreign and multinational corporations operating in Honduras, but which also offers its services in other areas including: private law, both civil and mercantile, mining and concessions law, labor law and contract negotiations, family law and notary services.

Clients of our firm include: La Tribuna (PYRSA), one of the most influential and widely read newspapers in all of Honduras, with the largest circulation in the capital city, Tegucigalpa; Grupo de Empresas de Transporte "El Rey," the largest transportation corporation in the country; and several real estate companies with widespread investments and development projects such as INVERMOL and Representaciones Norte-Sur. We also represent and counsel foreign and multinational corporations including: Enron Wind Corporation / Zond de Honduras (California, USA); Breakwater Resources / AmPac Honduras (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); First Point Corporation (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada); the Embassy of Finland; and Cemar-Taiheiyo (a joint venture formed in the British Virgin Islands with representatives in Tokyo, Japan and Tegucigalpa, Honduras). The firm practices in a wide range of legal areas, such as immigration, corporations and business associations, labor and contract negotiations, concessions, mining, and others.

Our firm's partners and associates also actively participate in promoting, proposing, drafting, and revising new legislation affecting foreign investment in the country, and have been involved in preparing legislation proposals in areas ranging from the Código de Concesiones (Concessions law- Regulating the licensing of public resources to private actors), the Ley the Zonas Industriales (Free Trade Industrial Zones Law), the Código de Minería (Mining Law Code) recently approved by Congress, and the Constitución de la República de Honduras (current constitution drafted in 1980). Bufete Rosa y Asociados has also been represented in several private and public associations dedicated to the promotion and improvement of foreign investment in Honduras, such as the Foro Nacional de Convergencia (National Forum for Convergence- an association combining public and private actors to develop investment and development proposals), the Plan Presidencial de Inversiones (Presidential Investment Plan) and the Asociación Nacional de Minería Metálica (National Association of Metal Mining).