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Sophiastraat 22-28, P.O. Box 3404
Netherlands, 4800 DK
 +31 76 513 61 36
 +31 76 522 25 52
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Founded in 1907 by our name giver Rassers, we are one of the oldest law firms in the region. From the very beginning, we have been able to adapt to changes in development. We attach great value to broadening the knowledge and skills of our employees with both internal as well as external courses and trainings. We also follow the latest developments in other fields.

Working method

At Rassers our aim is to communicate openly and directly internally as well as with you as a client. This enables us to better represent your interests and to give you tailor-made advice. We apply hourly rates. Before starting to work for you we can give you an estimate of the time we expect to spend on your case, so that you know where you stand. To keep track of the costs as we work on your case, we charge advance payments and use interim invoicing.

Target Group

Our firm represents the interests of both private individuals as well as companies ranging in size from small and medium-sized businesses in the region to large national enterprises. Whatever the size of your dispute or problem, Rassers is able to assist you. As a client of our office you will be given a designated contact person who will make sure that all your affairs are handled to the best of our ability. Should you have a problem in a different legal area than the field your contact person specialises in, one of our other experts will be consulted. This includes cross-border matters: on a European and a global level we cooperate with an English-language network of law firms called TAGLaw and a German-language network (Euro Ius).

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