Cabinet Maître Cheikh Fall
48, rue Vincens x Adoul Karim Bourgi
BP 32 319 Dakar - Ponty
 +221 33 821 75 79
 +221 33 821 05 57
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Cabinet Maître Cheikh Fall was founded in 1982 by Cheikh Fall and currently has seven lawyers and three jurists, experts qualified to give legal opinions but not qualified to appear before the courts in Senegal.  This distinguishes Cabinet Maître Cheikh Fall as mid-size for its marketplace.  

Primarily a business firm, over the past few years, Cabinet Maître Cheikh Fall has handled a large number of merger and acquisition transactions, and much of their work is in industries such as mining, property, and investments.

While the firm is headquartered in Senegal, all seven lawyers can practice in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, and they have offices in those countries that the lawyers travel to when they have cases in those other countries.  More broadly, the firm can practice throughout the OHADA zone in Africa.  

The firm’s lawyers speak both French—the primary business language in Senegal—and English.