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One of Jersey's best known and longest established law firms, Voisin is a progressive and innovative practice offering quality of service and pragmatic advice in a wide range of commercial and legal matters. In recent years, the activities of the firm have diversified enormously and our clients today include a number of leading banks and fund managers as well as a significant private client base. The practice has regular dealings with major overseas law firms and good connections within both the City of London and the legal community in Paris. The firm has a strong international focus and, being based in the Channel Islands, is well placed to service private and/or corporate clients (whether based in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) wishing to transact business through Jersey. Voisin has particular expertise in the areas of trust, company, banking and private international law and regularly advises on the establishment and regulation of collective investment schemes. The firm has considerable experience of the use of Jersey and non-Jersey companies in international trade, investment and property holding, or as vehicles for asset securitisation, defeasance or similar off-balance sheet activity. Working closely with its associated trust company, Volaw Trust & Corporate Services Limited, Voisin can offer professional fiduciary services, including the establishment of a wide variety of trusts or settlements, company incorporations, secretarial and management services. Voisin also has expertise in the establishment and operation of limited partnerships.

Jersey's prominent position as a financial centre has led the firm to acquire expertise in numerous aspects of private international law and the firm is, therefore, well placed to advise on matters having an international dimension. Tax and succession planning are areas of considerable interest to the firm as are Employee Benefit and Share Option Schemes. The firm also has expertise in the establishment, management and administration of employment (or "payroll") companies for expatriate staff living and working overseas.

With over 100 staff (including the trust company), state of the art technology and modern office premises in Saint Helier, Jersey, Voisin is committed to providing the highest of standards of service in a cost-effective and pragmatic fashion.

Firm Expertise
Voisin has particular expertise in the following areas: Company and Commercial Law including Banking, Capital Markets/Structured Finance, Estates, Wills and Succession, Investments Funds, Litigation, Private International Law, Property, Trusts

Estates, Wills and Succession
Our estate department is able to advise on the form and content of Jersey wills to govern Jersey situs assets (whether such assets are in the ownership of residents or non-residents of Jersey).

The department deals with grants of probate and letters of administration as well as the management of estates. In appropriate cases, this may involve the collaboration of our associated trust company, Volaw Trust Company who is a member of TAGLaw's affiliate alliace, TAG-SP.

Private International Law
Jersey's position as a leading financial centre means lawyers within the firm have gained considerable experience in extra jurisdictional matters. This is of particular relevance when advising individuals, trustees or companies in regard to their international affairs. Voisin has considerable experience of private international law and conflicts of laws and the firm is well placed to advise on matters having an international or cross-jurisdictional dimension.

Company and Commercial Law - including Banking
The firm provides a comprehensive company and commercial advisory service. Work includes acting in acquisitions and disposals, joint ventures and financing arrangements. The firm advises a significant number of UK and international banks conducting business in Jersey as well as numerous professional fiduciary service providers.

Capital Markets/Structured Finance
Structured finance (including the raising of "Tier 1" capital for banks) has become a growth area in Jersey. The firm, together with its associated trust company, Volaw Trust Company, has been instrumental in establishing and administering Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for use in this sort of arrangement. Jersey is a favoured choice of jurisdiction in which to establish SPVs and Voisin has the expertise to advise on and administer structures for use in defeasance schemes (or other off-balance sheet arrangements), asset-backed securitisations or more esoteric forms of securitisation (including that of insurance risk).

Investment Funds
The firm advises on the set-up and management of mutual funds including specialist funds aimed at sophisticated or institutional investors. The firm also advises on private single investor funds suitable for participation in joint ventures.

Jersey has a modern trust law and is a favoured choice of jurisdiction for the creation of trusts designed to preserve wealth and/or protect assets. The firm advises on the establishment and use of trusts (including charitable trusts and/or purpose trusts) in a wide range of contexts. The experience gained in advising upon and setting up numerous trusts over many years has placed the firm in a leading position to advise on complex trust issues.

Our litigation department specialises in commercial litigation, having particular expertise in banking or trust related litigation or disputes of an international dimension. Personal injury, professional or medical negligence and insurance litigation are also areas where the firm has expertise. The number of lawyers within the firm enables the rapid assembly of a dedicated team able to deal with any kind of action.
The approach to litigation at Voisin is creative. The firm seeks to achieve the best results for its clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

Voisin maintains an active conveyancing department able to service commercial and domestic property sales, leases and other transactions in land.
Our property lawyers advise on a wide range of matters including major property developments, the creation of leaseholds (including flying freeholds) and mortgages. We are also able to advise on the more esoteric points of Jersey law relating to property, whether realty or personalty (particularly in regard to the giving of security).