Chen, Shelly

  Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)
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Ms. Chen is a partner of Chen & Lin and has practiced in Taiwan since 1988.

During the past 25 years, Ms. Chen has accumulated broad experiences in dispute resolution (including litigation, arbitration and mediation etc.), corporate and security laws (including corporate investment, corporate governance, capital market, M&A, and corporate restructuring etc.), intellectual properties (including trademark, copyright, franchising and licensing etc.) and other projects (including BOT, government procurement and REAT etc.). Many cases handled by Ms. Chen has led to the revise of the laws and regulations or been selected as representative cases discussed in various academic articles.

Ms. Chen's current areas of concentration cover corporate investment, corporate governance, legal compliance and business operation consultation, M&A, and entertainment and culture law practice.

Ms. Chen is counsel to various listing and over-the-counter companies to provide legal consultation and creative suggestion to clients. Also, Ms. Chen is a small number of lawyers specializing in the area of entertainment laws in Taiwan, including music and film. For a long period of time, she has served as counsel to numerous famous artists, managers, producers, international labels, film companies and various entertainment and culture industries for various legal issues, contract review and negotiations, protection of ideas, creation of new business model, copyright and trademark protection, licensing and infringement matters.

Besides, Ms. Chen continuously cares about social issues and research work. She had participated in law-making work promoted by civil society and is committed to practical research and emerging legal issues of technology, business and culture.