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Nola  believes her job as a lawyer is not only to provide the highest quality legal services, but also to understand the practical implications of legal advice.  Whether helping an individual develop a visitation schedule after divorce or helping a company develop a strategy for an employee or litigation issue, Nola ensures she understands your desired result so everyone keeps their eye on the end goal.  Nola’s work is not done until you get results that make sense for you.
Employment Law
Nola devotes substantial time to assisting employers in tackling both day-to-day employment law issues and litigation.  Nola regularly counsels employers on various compliance issues including Title VII, the ADEA, the FMLA, the ADA, the WARN Act, the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, wage payment collection, and unemployment insurance.  In addition, Nola regularly drafts and reviews employee handbooks, drug testing policies, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements, and the various notices required under state and federal employment laws.  Although Nola believes her job is to 
avoid litigation for her clients, when litigation is unavoidable, Nola represents employers before administrative agencies and state and federal trial and 
appellate courts.
Family Law 
Nola has extensive experience with family law, including child custody disputes, alimony and child support, the division of personal property, step-parent adoptions, and guardianships.  Nola understands family law requires a unique approach.  Family law matters not only are deeply personal, but often opposing parties will need to find a way to co-exist after the matter concludes. Because of these unique qualities, Nola advocates strongly for her clients and their desired results, but also ensures she is the calm voice 
of reason helping her clients through what are often some of the most devastating events in their lives.
Nola has litigated cases before Iowa’s district and appellate courts as well as the United States District Court for the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Although she is an experienced litigator, Nola understands that litigation is rarely the goal for her clients.  Sometimes litigation is necessary and requires fierce advocacy, which Nola is prepared to provide.  Other times, the better approach is to find some resolution short of litigation.  Regardless of the approach, Nola will work tirelessly to ensure your desired result is achieved.  Her unique ability to find legal support for nearly any legal argument is invaluable in these efforts.