Lever, Alex

  Apeldoorn, Netherlands
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 +31 55 5 223 111
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A.B. (Alex) Lever graduated in 1986 from the University of Groningen. In 1987 he started to practice law, first in The Hague and later in Zutphen and Apeldoorn. He has been a partner at Nysingh since 1997. Alex Lever frequently advises companies and interest groups in conflicts with the (central) government regarding (the conversion of) national rules. He also advises and assists public authorities, semi-public authorities and companies active in the area of ICT, sports and entertainment, tourism, agro-business, plastics, innovative technical research, textile applications and infrastructure projects. In the past few years, he has been involved in the development and structuring of (wholesale/retail) distribution systems and new (knowledge-driven) markets, licences, R&D projects, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. The interests involved can often only be properly represented by or following timely and result-driven litigation. Alex Lever frequently litigates before the civil and administrative courts.