Lopez Tejada, Carlos Lucas

  Panama, Panama
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CARLOS LUCAS LOPEZ TEJADA (Founding partner) Born in Las Tablas, Panama, on February 22, 1936. Education: University of Panama (Bachelor of Law and Political Science, 1959), Central University of Madrid, Spain (Doctor of Law, 1962). Member: Panamanian Bar Association, Institute of Procedural Law and Institute of Banking Law. Positions held: Secretary of the First Superior Justice Court (1958-1959); Vice-President of the Panamanian Bar Association (1967); President of the Institute of Banking Law (1981-1982); President of the Justice Administration Commission of the National Bar Association (1982-1983); Panamanian representative before the Banking Law Experts Committee of the Latin American Banking Federation (FELABAN); Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panama (January 1990-December 1993); Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Panama (1990-1994). Several writings, conferences, articles and lectures, in and outside Panama.