Nakano, Michiaki (Mickey)

  Tokyo, Japan
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Chair of the International Practice Group and the Entertainment Practice Group.  Mr. Michiaki “Mickey” Nakano: born Mito, Japan, April 27, 1957; admitted 1985, Japan. 

Education: Waseda Univ. (LL.B., 1981); Legal Training and Research Institute (1985); Cornell Law School (LL.M., 1990). 

Publication: Co-author "Due Diligence and Liability of Representation and Warranty in M&A" in M&A and Joint Venture (Nihon Hyoronsha 2006); "Recent Developments in Equal Employment Laws in the U.S./1991 Civil Rights Act", 20 Journal of International Business Law 623, 1992; Co-author "1990 Clean Air Act; its Impact on Japan," 19 Journal of International Business Law 1, 1991.  

Experience: With Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy, Atlanta (1990-1991) and Arnall Golden & Gregory, Atlanta (1991-1992). With Hayabusa Kokusai, Tokyo (1992-2002) Positions: Adjunct Lecturer at Kogakuin University Graduate School of Information (2001 through 2008); Acting Trustees for Nikko Electric Industry and Chisan; General Counsel for NPO, Medical Relief Unit (MeRU); and Statutory Auditor for JBRC a non-profit corporation.