Srebrolow, Gary

  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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When dentists and other health professionals require legal advice, they turn to Dr. Gary Srebrolow because of the unique medical-dental perspective he brings to his dental law practice. As a health law lawyer, Gary understands what it is like to be on the “front lines” of providing health care, as he was a practising dentist for many years before he became a lawyer. Gary is also the Chair of the Health Law Group.

Gary is a well-rounded insurance defence litigator as well. Insurance companies rely on him because of his attention to detail, expertise and good results in defending many other professionals in malpractice or errors and omission claims.

Dental Law - Regulatory (RCDSO) Matters:
Gary’s knowledge of dentistry gives him an advantage in terms of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a dental College case and what is needed to obtain a favourable result.

Dentist clients have retained Gary for the following professional regulatory matters:

- Defence of College (RCDSO) dental complaints and Registrar’s investigations
- Representation at Discipline Hearings
- Defence of Fitness to Practice investigations;
- Representation in Registration/Certification matters
- Insurance company billing audits and investigations
- Preventive action to avoid legal problems (i.e. dental complaint or dental malpractice lawsuit)
- Appeal of Dental Certification Exams (NDEB and RCDC)

Dental Law – Dental Practice legal advice:
Dentists are business people too and they turn to Gary for legal help when their partnership/cost share arrangement/dental associateship comes to an untimely end.

Gary provides legal advice for the following dental business matters:

- Litigation/Arbitration for partner, cost share and associate break-ups
- Dental purchase and sale disputes and litigation
- Drafting of agreements (partnership, associate and cost-sharing)
- Professional corporation formation
- Employment issues/litigation

Health Law - Other Health Professionals – Regulatory Matters and Malpractice Defence
Gary has also successfully represented numerous other health professionals in professional regulation matters (i.e. complaints, investigations, registration appeals, exam appeals, privacy matters, etc.) including the following:

- Physicians and Nurses
- Dental Hygienists and Denture Therapists
- Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists
- Naturopaths and Dietitians
- Optometrists
- Pharmacists
- Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Social Workers

Gary has also successfully defended health professionals and health care clinics in defending medical and other healthcare malpractice claims. Clients rely on Gary because he understands scientific and complex medical issues.

Legal Opinions for Specialized Health Care Ventures
Gary also provides legal advice and opinions for health care professionals and entrepreneurs interested in establishing innovative and specialized health care ventures, including executive medical clinics, cosmetic medical centres, “private” surgical centres, mobile medical centres, dialysis clinics and diagnostic imaging centres. He also represents patients who wish to appeal denials by OHIP for reimbursement for out of country medical care costs.

Insurance Defence Lawyer
Gary’s practice also involves insurance defence. Insurers have turned to Gary to defend engineers, police officers, governmental agencies, security guards, architects, designers and contractors in litigation claims. Clients appreciate Gary’s scientific background and analytical approach in defending these types of claims.

Practice Area
Health Law, Insurance Defence Litigation