Robins, Steven

  Bethesda, Maryland, USA
 +(301) 657-0747
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Steve Robins is a land use attorney who represents prominent national and regional developers and property owners in high-visibility projects predominantly throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.

“Steve Robins is the Montgomery County zoning guru,” says one of his developer clients. He has earned the trust and respect of decision-makers and their staffs by thinking creatively and always working to achieve his clients’ goals, while carefully considering the views of other stakeholders involved with the project. When an obstacle appears, Steve considers not only how to address it, but how to work with others to clear the way for success. One community activist began a project fighting Steve and his client, but by the end, recommended him for a substantial redevelopment opportunity. Steve is a true advocate for his clients, available to them 24/7, even emailing with clients while on a recent trip to Antarctica.

Known as “Mr. Smart Growth,” Steve has secured approvals for many smart growth mixed-use projects near transportation hubs, including Wisconsin Place in Friendship Heights, North Bethesda Market in White Flint, Grosvenor Village, The Exchange in Wheaton, and Glenmont MetroCenter in Silver Spring. He currently is active in development and redevelopment ventures in downtown Bethesda, Rock Spring Centre, and Chevy Chase Lake.

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