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Stuart Schwager is a business and litigation attorney who represents petroleum distributors, retail service station dealers, and convenience store operators in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in all facets of their businesses. He also represents general businesses and franchisees in transactions, litigation, bankruptcy, and other dispute resolution forums.

Described by clients as smart, pragmatic, and relentless in his dedication to their cases, Stuart is an experienced petroleum marketing lawyer who’s extremely familiar with the nuances of the law. Bringing a no-nonsense approach, he always keeps his on eye on the big picture: obtaining the end result the client wants.

Stuart represents franchisee dealers in termination, non-renewal, and pricing claims under state and federal laws, including the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA) and Article 2 of the UCC. His representation extends to advising and representing franchisees and potential franchisees in a variety of matters related to franchise law, such as entry into and renewals of franchise relationships, including review of franchise disclosure documents (FDD) and negotiation of franchise agreements and related transactional documents.

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