Evans, Jay

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Jay Evans is a partner in the Firm’s Litigation Department. His practice encompasses a wide array of litigation and appellate matters. He regularly counsels clients on complex issues including products liability, contracts, real estate, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, and other business disputes.


Mr. Evans’ practice includes serving as counsel for companies, particularly automotive and vehicle equipment manufacturers, facing significant litigation matters in the realm of product liability and toxic torts. Jay has represented companies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and across the United States in these complex toxic tort matters. Jay assists companies and individuals in internal investigations and analysis to prepare for or avoid civil or criminal matters. Jay also guides nonprofit organizations through a range of issues, including governance and compliance matters as well as crafting, revising, and implementing contracts and releases.

In his representations, he has handled all aspects of preparing for and litigating various matters, from pleadings and depositions, Frye/Daubert challenges, trials and appeals. A key element of Jay’s practice is his thorough understanding of his clients’ products, businesses, and goals. Jay partners with his clients to craft cost-effective, efficient strategies which will suit their legal and financial objectives. Whether litigating a serious product defect case, negotiating and interpreting contracts, or providing lease advice, he strives to help clients better position themselves in the legal arena and global marketplace by avoiding unnecessary litigation and comprehensively preparing for necessary or inevitable litigation.

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