Fazal, Asaf

  Copenhagen, Denmark
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Through wide experience, Asaf M. Fazal has gathered specialist knowledge of advising small and medium-sized companies on matters of commercial law. His training provided a strong foundation for a detailed knowledge of the interaction of legal, financial and strategic questions. In his advisory work, Asaf M. Fazal focuses especially on the companies' operational and financial risks and on the relationship between profitability, growth and cash flow in an analytical perspective. Over the years his clients have gained financially and reaped the benefits from his counselling and interest in the interplay between specific factors and his knowledge of the area. In commercial law, Asaf M. Fazal advises on matters of purchase law, contract law, agency and dealers, the law of obligations, and on starting a company, choice of corporate form, establishment of companies, ownership agreements, acquisitions and sales of companies, mergers and demergers, collaboration agreements, reconstruction of companies in distress, and buying, selling and renting real estate.

During the last ten years, Asaf M. Fazal has acquired considerable experience of advocacy through conducting a considerable number of cases concerned with commercial law in the Danish district courts, the Eastern and Western High Court and before the Arbitration Board for Building and Construction. In the course of his work, Asaf M. Fazal has gained specialist knowledge of collecting preferential claims connected with bankruptcy proceedings, and his clients include some of the largest companies in the country, with case portfolios involving very large sums of money. In this connection Asaf M. Fazal assists clients in assessing the financial aspects and especially the litigation costs of administering these case portfolios. He has focused in particular on the analysis of the accounting of recovery rates and the solution percentages of recovery of claims, and the work has led him to develop special IT systems for use in these cases.

In addition, Asaf M. Fazal advises on legal aspects of sport, assisting sports clubs and athletes in drawing up contracts and sponsorship agreements. Asaf M. Fazal always protects his client's interests, and is the client's counsellor in every situation. In representing clients he honours the client's confidentiality and maintains his independence and integrity. In connection with carrying out assignments for his clients, Asaf M. Fazal takes a pride in showing the necessary respect for persons and authorities with whom he makes contact on behalf of his clients.