Katz, Ruth

  Bethesda, Maryland, USA
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Ruth Katz is a community associations attorney who helps board members of condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations govern effectively. She provides general counsel to and resolves disputes for boards and property management companies in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Ruth brings experience coupled with enthusiasm to all her clients, whether advocating forcefully in court, poring over governing documents, or welcoming a new board member while explaining Robert’s Rules of Order. One client notes, “Ruth has demonstrated a superior level of knowledge and negotiation skill, and we have every confidence of continuing to rely on her for all such services. Ruth has been great to work with and as challenges may arise, I look forward to those future collaborations.”

As general association counsel, Ruth reviews, interprets and amends governing documents, drafts rules and regulations, reviews contracts, prepares and attends annual meetings, and enforces covenants. She skillfully defends associations against all claims, including breach of fiduciary duty, Fair Housing, employee issues, and insurance defense. Ruth regularly appears before Maryland, DC, and Virginia courts, as well as before the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities. She also helps associations collect delinquent assessments. With each client, she focuses not only on the legal issue at hand, but also on the real-life impact to the association.

For more, visit: https://www.lerchearly.com/people/ruth-o-katz