Victoria’s changing environmental law regime – progress update

Author: Johanna Kennerley, Senior Associate


In January this year, the Labor Government released its response to the Independent Inquiry into the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and environmental regulation in Victoria. The government’s response accepted nearly all of the Inquiry’s recommendations, stating that changes would be implemented to modernise Victoria’s environmental law regime.  

Progress has been made this month, with the EPA releasing the Environmental Protection Bill 2017 (VIC) (Bill), which will give effect to the first commitments made by the government regarding the structure of the EPA, and the Environmental Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017 (VIC) (SP Regulations) which is the first step towards a more streamlined licensing system.  

For more information about the Inquiry and the government’s response, please refer to our article ‘Will your business be ready for Victoria’s stronger environmental regime’. 

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