Top Ten Technologies For Small Businesses

Contact: Morena Koh; ESV (New South Wales, Australia - TIAG)

With increasing availability and affordability of new software and technologies on the market, there are a number of savvy technological devices and softwares which can help small businesses improve their operations.

We have outlined our current top 10 favourites – do any of these sound familiar to you?


Receipt Bank is a great way to reduce data entry time as the software extracts key information from your bills, receipts and invoices and automatically enters the data into a form that suits you – straight into your accounting software, downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create expense reports.


A free online website that helps to quickly manage your business’s accounting, invoicing, payments, payroll and receipts all at no cost with decent security. This tool is used by more than a million freelancers, consultants and small business owners around the world.


In short, this tool consists of a three-step service in handling all expenses from first importing your expenses via the banking website, scanning the receipt, and generating expense reports without all the manual receipt data entry and filing.


A collaboration/ project management tool that works by organising projects into boards, allowing the user to add task cards, mention individuals, add due dates, assign tasks to different owners and more. It helps to easily see what is being worked on, who is working on what and how far along a project is in a process.


Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. The product has many templates and designs and is a great tool for those who lack of a creative flair or the time to prepare visually appealing presentations for proposals, idea sharing and more.


This tool is definitely no stranger for its easy to use accessibility of documents from any device anywhere, updated instantly. It makes for a great collaboration tool as you can create public sharing folders where documents can be shared with other members, keeping everyone up to date with the latest versions.


These little adaptors come in all different shape and sizes and work wonders. Instead of getting too caught up with organising the un-ending wires around the office, plugging in this USB just saves space and makes any presentation or face to face conferences effortless.


If you’re not sure whether to get a laptop or a tablet, why not go with both? This device is light weight, user friendly and can be converted from a hand tablet to a screen with key board for a desk at the ease of your own home or office.


Enjoy fast turnaround with creating professional and clean client proposals in just minutes, and get an electronic client signature when they approve instantly, without any unnecessary delays.


Thinking about keeping employees happy? Reward employees with one of the most comprehensive perks programs out there, which provides discounts on countless services.

These are just some of the great technologies around today that can help streamline and improve your business processes. If you would like to share your experience on other technologies and softwares, or would like more information on any of the above, please contact your relevant ESV Engagement Partner on 02 9283 1666.