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Nysingh was launched on 1 January 1999, the product of a merger between the Nysingh lawyers’ group and the Dijkstra de Graaff notaries public. The organization employs over 100 legal professionals, about 80 lawyers and 35 notaries or notarial candidates spread out over three highly accessible branches in Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Zwolle.

Nysingh is a reliable, extremely effective and broadly informed partner. Lawyers and notaries collaborate closely on the most diverse matters. Efficiency, quality and professionalism are coupled with a pleasant, personal working relationship – all aimed at getting results. Each lawyer and notary is value driven to act as the permanent partner for his or her client within the firm's setting.
Among our clients are large (listed) companies, medium-sized and small enterprises, insurance companies, central and regional (provincial and municipal) governments, collective action organizatons, private persons and non-profit institutions. From the beginning we have worked on the basis of specialized departments and industry-based working units. 
An up-to-date, broad perspective.
Our legal practice is as complex as it is extensive. Nysingh is organized to fully survey the entire field. All the specialized departments are involved in a regular exchange of specific expertise. Also with our clients and their involvement in their industries. This exchange of knowledge and experience is vital for anticipating situations effectively as well as for providing answers to the problems and questions in an increasingly smaller but complex world. 
Nysingh is fully involved in increased internationalization – and the challenging issues that go with it – and is able to respond effectively. 
Nysingh is a professional, pro-active, efficient, well-equipped legal practice, where balanced cooperation (among colleagues and with clients) and open communication between all parties involved are the means by which we strive for high-quality results.

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  • Legal Audit
  • Legal Disarray Protection Plan

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Netherlands: Arnhem
Velperweg 10
P.O. Box 9220
Arnhem, Netherlands, 6800 KA

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Netherlands: Zwolle
Burg. Roelenweg 11
P.O. Box 600
Zwolle, Netherlands, 8000 AP

+31 (0)38 - 4 25 92 00
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