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Preslmayr Attorneys at Law is a well-established leading independent full-service law firm in Austria. They are experts in business law with outstanding national and international reputation. The clients of Preslmayr, both from Austria and around the world, are primarily large and medium sized businesses in manufacturing, banking, trade, information technology, advertising and telecommunications. They also advise investment companies, funds, high-net investors and business persons. Clients include also con-struction and development companies and various service providers.

In advising the clients, Preslmayr consider not only legal aspects but, above all, commercial objectives as well. They view themselves as legal guides and problem solvers with a knack for business, who work together with experts from other disciplines whenever necessary. This synergy of legal expertise, business sense and service-oriented management create the excellence of services provided by Preslmayr to each of the clients.

Clients of Preslmayr benefit from the partners’ collective experience, imagination, management skills and legal expertise. Preslmayr’s well-oiled team, utilizing the experience of the older and the drive of the younger partners, enables them to mobilize all of their resources and provide top-quality results quickly and efficiently. They have always fostered their associates, the attorneys of tomorrow. A careful selection process ensures that only high qualified applicants join the firm. The young legal talent is fully integrated into ongoing work. A partner takes the responsibility for each case, allowing Preslmayr to pursue their goal of sustainable staff training and development, while at the same time achieving excellence.

Clients benefit from Preslmayr’s streamlined organization and infrastructure as well as state-of-the-art technology, which guarantee the highest level of working efficiency. Modern information technologies are also applied in the retrieval of legal data and facts.

Preslmayr Attorneys at Law is a two time winner of the Client Choice Award for Austria. This prize is awarded by an internationally reputable English publishing house to the law firm that is – based on client’s valuation – the best in the respective countries. Since the award is based on a comprehensive and representative survey of companies it is a special honor for Preslmayr and a true sign of their client’s trust and satisfaction. The outstanding quality and reputation of Preslmayr have been consistently recognized by leading international law firm rating organizations.