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Germany, 68027
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The firm was founded in 1950 by Prof. Dr. Duden and Prof. Rowedder.

From the very start the firm was linked to clients in the economy, to companies, their managers and owners. Specialties are company and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust law, protection of industrial property, the law of unfair competition, contracts in any form and labour law.

All partners of the firm participate in the scientific discussion with publications and lectures. Four partners are writing commentaries on company law, commercial law, the law of succession and real estate law, one published a book about tenant law, another one published a book about estate planning. Others made contributions to professional papers on various topics.

The firm is located in Mannheim, a city with a population of 350,000 and center of an economic area of 1 million people including Heidelberg, seat of the worldwide operating printing company "Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG" and Ludwigshafen, seat of the worldwide operating chemical plant "BASF SE."

This area is located in the southwest of Germany, 35 minutes south of Frankfurt airport. The firm can easily be reached by car as well as by train.