TOP 10 FAQs for Foreign Companies Establishing Business Operations in the United States


  • FAQ #1: Is There a Commonly Used Checklist for Setting Up Business Operations or an Office in the United States? 
  • FAQ #2: What Are the Legal Forms for Conducting Business in the United States? 
  • FAQ #3: Should We Form Our Corporation in the State of Delaware? 
  • FAQ #4: What Taxes Will the US Subsidiary Corporation Pay? 
  • FAQ #5: What Protections Exist for Intellectual Property? 
  • FAQ #6: What Visas Will Your Foreign Company Require to Start Up Operations in the United States? 
  • FAQ #7: What Contracts Should Be Reviewed to Assure They Are Enforceable Under US Laws? 
  • FAQ #8: What Import-Export Laws Will Be Important For Your Foreign Corporation? 
  • FAQ #9: What Are the Other Relevant Areas of Law? 
  • FAQ #10: What Business Strategies Can Accelerate Your Growth in the US Market? 

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