Life Sciences Specialty Group Report

Life Sciences Specialty Group Report

The TAGLaw Life Sciences Specialty Group is comprised of lawyers in TAGLaw firms around the world who have special expertise in one or more of the life sciences industries: pharmaceuticals, biotechnologicals, medical devices, nutritionals, and personal care.

TAGLaw member firms provide a variety of legal services relating to the research, product discovery, product development, manufacture, distribution, marketing and sale of products locally and across national borders. Our TAGLaw members have extensive legal and technical expertise in intellectual property law prosecution and litigation, as well as expertise relating to clinical development, licensing/ collaborations, government and regulatory matters, manufacturing, pricing, regulation of marketing and sale of products, and government affairs. The Group includes members with competition/antitrust expertise and firms with extensive finance and M&A experience to help life sciences companies fund operations and growth, and achieve corporate objectives. Members of the Group also offer related expertise in corporate organization/business structures, corporate compliance, dispute settlement, taxation, personnel/labor and related matters.

The Life Sciences Specialty Group has cooperated with the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Specialty Group for excellent programming at the last three TAGLaw international meetings. Those topics were:

• The TAGLaw Approach to Seeking Emergency Relief for IP Infringement Around the Globe
• Cross Border IP Deals: A case study of common provisions and pitfalls encountered when licensing complex, high-value intellectual property rights on an international basis
• Advising Licensors of Intellectual Property in Difficult Economic Times

TAGLaw firms that provide services to the life sciences industries are invited to submit firm profiles for the TAGLaw–Life Sciences webpage and to add individual lawyers to the member list.