Life Sciences Mini-Conference - January 2007

Life Sciences  Mini-Conference - January 19&20, 2007

In January, the Life Sciences Specialty Group did something no other specialty group has yet done in TAGLaw - and the results were momentous.

The group met outside of a TAGLaw semi-annual conference to put full focus on the possibilities of collaboration. The conference worked much like a regional meeting, but attendance and discussion was based on industry opportunity rather than geographic proximity. This also meant that the conference pulled together lawyers from a variety of practice areas, but all sharing their common experience in medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, bioscience or nutritionals industries.

Members attending the meeting quickly discovered a potential for the collaboration of worldwide capabilities and the forming of a "Dream Team" – a nickname coined for the Life Sciences group and referenced frequently during the conference. A number of actions developed from this meeting that will lead to more collaboration.

1. Participants in the group would submit a capability statement outlining their background and the types of clients that have acted for
2. A special Life Sciences “micro-site” would be developed apart from the current TAGLaw website to market these capabilities to potential clients
3. Under the direction of the co-chairs, the groups will now consider joint visits to prospective clients, webinars, and coordinated attendances at relevant industry conventions.
Watch, in the coming months, for further developments within the Life Sciences group…perhaps your TAGLaw Specialty Group has similar potential!