Uruguay - Sale of Major Fishery

Contact: Guillermo Duarte - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Bergstein Abogados in Uruguay 

An interesting business opportunity in Uruguay has surged. One of the owners of one of the most important fishery industries in Uruguay has contacted us with the aim of assisting the shareholders in the effort to identify a potential buyer.


Some information and details about the target company follow next:

  • The target company has 18 vessels.
  • Quota access in Argentina.
  • Holds 11 of the 20 licenses for Hubbsi in Uruguay (~20.000 MTs) and the only 2 licenses for Red Crab (~1.600 MTs).
  • 50% market share in Italy for Hubbsi natural products in consumer packs.
  • Single company in Uruguay allowed to catch Red Crab in the Zone. 
  • Lines of business include: Fillets with sauces, Seafood line and Ready to Eat Meals; hake loins with herbs, Filets in sauce, Risotto, Stuffed squid and a range of RTEMs.
  • 90% of Uruguayan production is exported.
  • Consolidated sales were US$ 78.3 MM in 2011 and topped US 79.0 MM in FY2012.
  • Total fixed assets in FY2013 were US$ 38.2 MM