Largest Agricultural Company in Serbia for Sale – Public Bid for PKB in Serbia

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia launched a tender for the privatization of the agricultural giant company Poljoprivredna Korporacija Beograd (PKB) at a starting price of EUR 104.6 million ($121.2 million). PKB carries on the business of primary agricultural production on a large scale. All production capacities are in the proximity to the Serbian capital city, Belgrade, the largest consumer center between Vienna and Athens.


PKB has 29,000 ha (acres) of agricultural land under management, out of which 5,500 ha is fully irrigated. PKB’s vast assets also include farmhouses, storage facilities, machinery and equipment (tractors, combines, loading machines, etc.), a research center, quality control labs, agricultural aviation fleet and sizable livestock of 20,000 cattle, 3,500 pigs and 1,600 sheep. It produces 160 million liters of raw milk, 140,000 tons of cereals (wheat, corn, barley, etc.), 90,000 tons of industrial crops (soybean, sugar beet, etc.) 2,400 tons of various seeds (corn seed, soybean seed, etc.), meat (beef, veal, lamb and pig meat) and greenhouse vegetables. PKB employs staff of 1.742.

Because of its capacity, PKB would be able to meet quality and quantity demands of supermarket chains like no other producer in Serbia, or to export such products to large markets that demand continuing and reliable quantity and quality supplier.

Matter of Public bid:

Sale of PKB corporation along with subsidiaries, including: “EKO-LAB“, „PKB Agroekonomik“, „Veterinarska Stanica PKB“, „Poljoprivredna Avijacija PKB“, and „PKB Zelena Energija“.

Ownership of PKB:

The Government of the Republic of Serbia holds 100% shares in PKB, the largest single farming company in Serbia.

Requirements for bidders:

The tender is open to legal entities that are mainly active in agriculture and trade in agricultural products.

It is necessary for interested buyers to independently or on a consolidated level achieve revenue of at least EUR 400 million in the last business year.

Submission due September 10.