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TAGLaw on San Francisco Bay:
Coblentz Firm Becomes Member

One hundred years ago this spring, the great San Francisco earthquake and fire devastated that city of hills.  In the ensuing panic, many people made their way to one highly visible landmark – the campanile-style tower of the ferry building – and thence to safety across the bay.  A century later the Ferry Building not only remains a landmark, but is also home to TAGLaw’s new San Francisco member, the distinguished firm of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP.  

The firm’s roots actually predate the earthquake by more than a quarter century.  Over the intervening years, the Coblentz firm has provided innovative and comprehensive legal services, extending to the areas of of Real Estate, Litigation, Corporate and Transactional, Estate Planning and Administration, Copyright & Trademark, Labor & Employment, Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations, and Taxation.

Godwin Richard Named Fellow in International Legal Practice
International Bar Association Acts on Recommendation by The College of Law

Godwin Richard, Managing Partner of the TAGLaw member firm for Nigeria, The Chambers of Godwin Richard, has been awarded the prestigious standing of IBA Fellow in International Legal Practice.  The fellowship is awarded by the International Bar Association (IBA) on recommendation of The College of Law, Guilford, Surrey, England. The College of Law and IBA jointly award Practice Diplomas to those who pass written examinations set by the College of Law. Persons who obtain 5 Practice Diplomas within a given time frame(usually 5-7yrs) earn the IBA Fellowship.  Details of the College of Law and their activities can be obtained at  Details of IBA can be obtained at

TAGLaw in the Land of Faulkner
Holcomb Dunbar Become Mississippi's TAGLaw Member

By the time Nobel Laureate William Faulkner was born 109 years ago in Mississippi, John W. Cutrer had been practicing law in Clarksdale for a dozen years.  The descendents of Cutrer's firm have become Holcomb Dunbar, home-based where Faulkner himself made his home base for most of his life: Oxford, Mississippi.  The firm continues to have an office in Clarksdale as well.  From these two offices, Holcomb Dunbar provides a full range of legal services as a regional law firm serving the needs of clients throughout the entire state of Mississippi.  Mike Watts, the primary TAGLaw contact at Holcomb Dunbar, says he looks forward to TAGLaw playing an important role in further strengthening the full-service offerings of the firm.

Best Small Law Firm in Australia!!! 

Carter Newell, TAGLaw's Brisbane Australia member firm,  has recently being voted the “Best Small Law Firm” in Australia at the 2006 Business Review Weekly (BRW)-St George (Bank) Client Choice Awards. The “Best Small Law Firm” award is open to firms with revenue under $50 million per year.

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Comparing The US And EU Microsoft Antitrust Prosecutions: How Level is the Playing Field?

The United States and the European Union have spent considerable time and resources pursuing antitrust cases against Microsoft over the past decade. While the antitrust cases began in similar fashions, the US and EU have diverged significantly in responding to Microsoft’s business practices. Given the similarity of US and EU antitrust law, it is debatable why the Microsoft antitrust litigation developed differently in each jurisdiction. While the US case generally ended in a settlement that has been criticized as too lenient on Microsoft, the EU case ended in a decision imposing harsh remedial measures and a severe fine. We find plausible explanations for the disparity to include a differing focus between US and EU antitrust policy, various political considerations, and the different issues confronting regulators in each case.

John Jennings, a TAGLaw member from the Kansas City, Missouri office of Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP has had a paper published about Microsoft antitrust litigation in the Erasmus Law & Economics Review, Vol. 2, No. 1 (March 2006). To read the entire article, visit