About TAG Academy

TAG Academy is a learning institute developed to provide professional education to lawyers, accountants, and professional staff through web-based courses, live seminars and sessions at our International Conferences. Access to TAG Academy resources is an exclusive benefit of membership in TAG Alliances. 

Member Benefit Series (Live Webinars & Recordings) 

Each year, TAG Alliances members receive access to several live and recorded webinars. These webinars are designed to deliver high-quality content from renowned consultants and industry experts, along with TAG Alliances members who specialize in specific areas of law or accounting. Topics are focused on Best Practices, Marketing & Business Development, and Specialty Topics.

Access Live Member Benefit Series Webinars: 

Ensure that you have a profile on our website and that you are signed-up to receive our webinar emails*.

Access Recordings and Materials from Member Benefit Series Webinars:

Webinars from 2016 to Present: Click the links below to access webinars based on those topics*. 

Webinars Prior to 2016: Visit www.TAGAcademy.com*. 


*Members will need their user name and password to access these resources. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1 727 895 3720 to obtain your firm's user name and password.

TAG Academy Seminars


TAG Alliances Managing Partner Summit

TAG Alliances managing partners meet in this collegial, seminar-style environment to share their challenges and find out how others address similar issues. More information is coming soon about our next Managing Partner Summit.