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How are law firms using new media?

For a number of years now, law firms have employed new media to market themselves to existing clients, reach out to new ones, and recruit new talent. Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter pages are common. They provide opportunities for firms to describe what their lawyers have been up to (such as high profile cases, awards and nominations), profile new employees, and share pro bono and community initiatives that the firm is involved in. New media is certainly a useful tool that will continue to be part of the business development strategies of many firms.

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By: Debi Galler

Mindfulness is not simply a new wave, touchy feely program. CEOs, senior executives, and lawyers are using mindfulness as a tool to help promote retention, talent advancement and innovation. As noted in a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, “How Meditation Benefits CEOs”, by Emma Seppala, the research on mindfulness indicates that mindfulness meditation hones skills like attention, memory and emotional intelligence.

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Contact: Morena Koh; ESV (New South Wales, Australia - TIAG)

With increasing availability and affordability of new software and technologies on the market, there are a number of savvy technological devices and softwares which can help small businesses improve their operations.

We have outlined our current top 10 favourites – do any of these sound familiar to you?

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Contact: John Fitzgerald; Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA - TIAG)

Rewarding your best ... instilling greater motivation ... getting your firm out of the doldrums. A firm's success in these endeavors can turn on your partner compensation system. Accordingly, taking a step back to reevaluate your firm's system can help point the way to strengthening the firm and increasing its longevity.

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Robin Lokhorst, Managing Partner at McLeod & Co. LLP (Alberta, Canada), discussed a variety of firm management topics in an article titled "New Tricks" which was featured in Canadian Lawyer. Mr. Lockhorst and other managing partners from Canadian firms talked in depth about the

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