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A web based network is to be launched to develop widespread investment in environmental technologies and services in a bid to help British companies solve various environmental challenges, such as climate change, water pollution and waste.

Set up by leading environmental law firm Clarkslegal, in conjunction with The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), ‘ The Environmental Investment Network’ will bring together private and corporate investors with organisations looking for funding to support specific projects, such as the development of low carbon technologies, eco-friendly waste management systems and advanced water treatment methods.

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What is meant by the term “corporate governance”? It is basically the systems and processes established by corporate entities for ensuring proper accountability, probity and openness in the conduct of an organisation’s business. The basic principles of corporate governance include transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility founded upon the concept of disclosure to encourage the necessary trust and confidence of shareholders.

Recently, corporate governance has been very much in the spotlight in the UK following the publication of a number of important reports, all of which have had an influence on the corporate governance environment in which we operate today. However, the current UK corporate governance environment does not exist in isolation, as there have been significant influences from Europe and the US. In particular, the collapse of Enron and WorldCom in 2002 has meant issues of corporate governance remain highly topical.

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A New Corporate Act for Japan
[Summary provided by South Toranomon Law Offices]
The Japanese Government has announced that a new Corporate Act (the "Corporate Act") will come into force on May 1, 2006.  The Corporate Act will substantially change the forms of business in Japan.  A two page summary of the Act can be found here: Japanese Corporate Act.pdf

Corporate Alert: Changes in New York's Publication Requirements for Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships

The Herrick Corporate Alert for April 2006  focuses on the changes headlined above.  The alert announces, "On June 1, 2006, comprehensive amendments to New York's publication requirements (the "Amended Publication Requirements") will become effective for limited liability companies ("LLCs") and limited partnerships ("LPs").

The alert includes the following sections:

  • Expanded Disclosure Requirements
  • Exemptions from the Expanded Disclosure Requirements
  • Changes in Publication Procedures
  • Changes in Penalties for Failure to Comply
  • Application of Amended Publication Requirements to Existing Entities
  • Further Considerations
  • Pending Legislation for Further Change to Publication Requirements

 A pdf-formatted file containing the entire alert can be downloaded here: NYC LLC Memo April 2006.pdf.