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Proactive immigration policy is set to be used as a driver for economic diversity and to attract innovation to New Zealand. Over the next four years up to 400 Global Impact Visas will be on offer to young and talented technology entrepreneurs in an attempt to make New Zealand the Silicon Valley of the South Pacific. The incentive, while similar to programmes in Australia and Singapore, sets itself apart by actively seeking out candidates who want to make a global impact.

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Beginning November 5, 2015, U.S. Consulates were instructed by the Visa Office to send notices to visa holders informing them that their visas had been revoked due to a report that they had been arrested for driving while under the influence within the last five years, unless the arrest was addressed within the context of a visa application.

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UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have recently made changes to the Tier 2 and 5 sponsor guidance published on its website. UKVI already imposes onerous obligations on employers who sponsor employees who are from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) on Tier 2 visas. The changes, which mostly take effect from 19 November 2015, introduced more onerous reporting and record-keeping obligations and tougher sanctions for employers who don’t meet these to UKVI’s satisfaction:

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By Joel PagetJanet Cheetham, Amy Royalty & Marsha Mavunkel; Ryan Swanson (Washington, USA)



Update: Since this article was originally published, it has been confirmed that Washington State residents will have two more years to use standard driver’s licenses to get through airport security before they are no longer compliant with the federal Real ID Act. The two-year extension is intended to give Washington State a final chance to meet the new guidelines. We still recommend getting an enhanced driver’s license or U.S. passport soon, to ensure you have the proper documentation for air travel by the deadline.

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Author: Hassan Elhais

TOP 5 Requirements when requesting for extradition:

1. Firstly, expatriates have the right to request for an extradition. The extradition must be done of persons who are wanted in the UAE for certain crimes.

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