The criminal liability of legal persons is generating a growing jurisprudential body that develops the legal provisions in this regard, since these are not always enough to respond to all questions raised.

One of these issues is the case of transnationality: what happens in cases in which the legal person prosecuted is a foreigner?

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Whether you own a restaurant or are looking to open one it is crucial to ensure you keep your tables full, especially in an uncertain market. With the right marketing strategy, you can improve your chances of having a busy restaurant and also reduce ‘no shows’.

Every restaurant has three core ways to increase revenue:

  1. Acquiring more customers or covers;
  2. Increasing spend per customer with upselling, and;

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Authored by Karen Frank and Christopher Chou. Originally published in the California Real Property Journal, Vol. 37, Issue 2. 

There is a growing effort among cities to leverage the private development permitting process to fund and provide art that is accessible to the public.1 California, perhaps unsurprisingly, has proven to be fertile ground for these programs and many California cities adopted public art programs starting in the 1970s.

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Remember when everyone had a landline, and those long – very long – phone cords could reach every room?  Every once in a while, undoubtedly with company over or in the middle of dinner, your home phone would receive a call from someone you didn’t know, trying to sell you something.  In what seems like another lifetime now, we were very protective of who had our telephone number because giving it out was like an invitation into our home.  That phone number did not follow you, but instead stayed in the kitchen, in the office, or wherever you situated your phones.

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ACA International member attorneys Christopher Jordan and Michael Harvey from Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr P.C. discuss their outlook on reconciling House and Senate legislation on robocalls and balanced FCC regulations to help consumers and business.

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