Contact: Boodle Hatfield (London, England)

Friends and property interests

On what basis is a property that has been purchased by friends to be divided?

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The Court of Appeal upholds a son's expectation of inheritance

Where a person has an expectation of receiving certain property from an estate and is left disappointed, they may have a claim based on the doctrine of proprietary estoppel...

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Contact: Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP (Missouri, USA)

Business owners are bombarded by the uncertainty caused by the upcoming election and the anticipated 2013 increases in personal income taxes, capital gains

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Contact: Williams Mullen (North Carolina & Virginia, USA)

This North Carolina corporate income tax alert discusses developments from the recently concluded short session of the General Assembly.

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By: Berger Singerman LLP, Miami, Florida, USA

This month’s Tax Alert discusses a recent Tax Court case which held that gifts of limited partnership interests qualified for the annual gift tax exclusion. This case reverses the negative trend followed by a line of

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Contact: Berger Singerman LLP (Florida, USA) 

This month’s Tax Alert discusses a recent IRS Office of Chief Counsel Memorandum which concludes that a testamentary limited power of appointment may not be sufficient to prevent a transfer of property

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