Success Stories

“One of our significant clients approached us to acquire a property in Scotland for development into the first Virgin hotel in Europe. The property had complex planning issues.

We contacted Nick Naddell of Burness Paull (Scotland - TAGLaw) who was efficient and responsive, and helped close the transaction in a short timescale. Meeting Nick at conferences made picking up the phone to contact him incredibly easy. The client was pleased and commented that it was just like working with Boodle Hatfield.

The client is doing more and more business in Scotland and it’s great to share a fantastic client with Burness Paull."

—Rahul Thakrar; Boodle Hatfield (London, England - TAGLaw)

TAGLaw Success Story Boodle 2

“The TAGLaw member firm in Turkey, Erdem & Erdem, contacted us with an urgent request for one of its clients whose letter of credit for an amount of more than €350,000 had been frozen by the bank, due to a seizure made by the client co-contractor. A damage claim above €600,000 was also submitted to the court against the client for contractual breach involving delivery of defective goods.

Erdem & Erdem’s client was flying the next day to Antwerp, Belgium to discuss the case with the opposing party and needed urgent assistance to assess its legal position. Our firm advised the client at an emergency meeting in our offices and thanks to the assessment, the seizure could be lifted, and the claim against them was dropped after discussion with the opposite party.

A well spent plane ticket from Istanbul to Brussels…”

—Oliver Sasserath; MVVP (Belgium - TAGLaw)

MVVP Success

“This past Spring Brent Cooper received notice that our firm was short-listed as the possible legal counsel for the Calgary Zoo, an exceptionally high profile not-for-profit organization in Alberta, Canada.

Notwithstanding the short notice, Brent made an inquiry through TAGLaw which revealed member firms that have experience with zoos in North America and around the world. His inquiry disclosed experienced practice groups in domains such as international animal law (including government and media relations), contract advice, research agreements, agricultural business, bio technologies, and environmental law.

Robin Lokhors, who did the actual ‘pitch’ to the Zoo Board, said he is confident that the contributions and support from TAGLaw significantly advanced the successful presentation. Brent and Rick thank those TAGLaw members that emailed back so promptly, and if any business opportunities arise, you can be sure to hear more.”

McLeod Law (Alberta, Canada - TAGLaw)

"As a specialist corporate/commercial firm, we do not cover all areas of law. However our clients place their trust in us to bring in the right external advisors when needed.

We were able to work with Nick Whittington of Meredith Connell (as the other local New Zealand TAGLaw firm) to assist our client in their national expansion (currently 32 locations nationwide).

Nick and his team were quickly able to understand the needs of our client, and able to give sensible and pragmatic planning law advice to our client as part of the diligence process for new locations."

—Bruno Bordignon; (New Zealand - TAGLaw)

“Earlier this year Californian TAGLaw firm, Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP, requested assistance from Piper Alderman to effect depositions of witnesses in US litigation residing in Australia. Piper Alderman advised on the processes of taking depositions in two states, South Australia and Victoria, where Piper Alderman has large offices. Piper Alderman’s expertise in commercial litigation and knowledge of the courts in both states allowed for the process to be undertaken efficiently and in accordance with a tight timetable.”

Piper Alderman (Australia - TAGLaw)