Success Stories

fineman hunte“I had a client who needed assistance in the British Virgin Islands to handle several items including their admin, accounting, taxes, etc. Within one day we were able to get in touch with the local TAGLaw member firm in the BVI, Hunte & Co, and schedule a call to discuss the client’s needs. Gizelle at Hunte & Co. has been very helpful and the client has successfully transitioned their legal and admin over to Hunte & Co.”

-Wendy On; Fineman West & Company, LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA - TIAG)

FFF“My firm is a relatively recent addition to the TAGLaw and TAG Alliances world. Upon attending the International Conference in Lisbon, I was however, immediately, and once again, struck by the benefits of having different professional disciplines coming together under one roof in order to give fresh perspectives and outlooks to each other about common professional challenges and issues.”

—Tonio Fenech; Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal (Malta)

Fenech Success

kirton kuitsRobert Levy of Kuit Steinart Levy LLP (TAGLaw) referred a local Manchester, UK logistics shipping provider which was interested in expanding into the U.S., with the specific intention of establishing it’s U.S. operations with headquarters in Salt Lake City. Since then, Kirton McConkie has incorporated the client’s business entity and begun facilitating immigration work visas for the British management.

Willis Orton; Kirton McConkie (Utah, USA – TAGLaw)

williams dykema

“One of our TAGLaw members in Texas, Dykema Cox Smith, recently assisted me with domesticating a subpoena in Texas to depose an expert witness. Additionally, they allowed me to use their office for the deposition. While this might not seem significant, it is helpful and impressive to our clients to be able to leverage the reach and access of our fellow TAGLaw members for out-of-state needs.”

Elizabeth Scott; Williams Mullen (North Carolina & Virginia, USA - TAGLaw)

rwp adam bleser“I had to carry out a comprehensive company search for a German-Austrian client. Several shareholder levels upstream appeared as Luxembourg holding companies. This led me to contact Catherine L’Hote of our TAGLaw member in Luxembourg, Adam & Bleser. Catherine provided me with the relevant information from the Luxembourg corporate registry almost immediately.”

Nils Wördermann; RWP Rechtsanwälte (Düsseldorf, Germany - TAGLaw)