Success Stories

blaney mcmurtry kochhar“Dear Rohit, Vijay and Piyush (of Kochhar & Co in India): I wanted to send this note to you to give you some feedback from one of my partners. Your firm recently did some work on a leasing matter for one of our clients and they were very pleased. Many thanks to you and your firm for this and a number of other matters for which we have received good feedback. It makes our job a lot easier. All the best from an unseasonably cold Toronto! “

—Steve Popoff; Blaney McMurtry LLP (Ontario, Canada)

jaffe cohen“Recently, we have developed a relationship with our local TIAG member in Michigan and Ohio, Cohen & Company. This relationship has expanded and we are now planning joint events together.”

—Mark Kowalsky; Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C. (Michigan, USA)

harper grey hub“I am pleased to say that our firm has developed an excellent relationship with HUB International (Best Friend of TAG). They are assisting us with our insurance needs, and we appreciate their expertise, service, and excellent products. For our part, our firm has assisted HUB in a number of legal matters in British Columbia. Other Canadian TAG Alliances firms are assisting HUB in their respective Provinces as well. I thank the TAG Alliances for bringing us together.”    

—John Sullivan; Harper Grey LLP (British Columbia, Canada)

popov nysingh“One of our clients, a Bulgarian company developing a popular fashion brand in the Netherlands, needed urgent assistance after their former commercial agent raised a series of legal proceedings against them. Due to the immediate response from our colleagues at Nysingh, our client was duly represented at the court hearing only a few days later. Thanks to TAGLaw we managed to provide our client with highly qualified legal assistance in both Bulgaria and the Netherlands.”

—Emiliyan Arnaudov; Popov & Partners Law Office (Bulgaria)

“In January, a U.S. TAGLaw Member contacted us to see if we would be interested in representing one of their long-standing clients because their firm had a conflict which prevented their representation. We interviewed with the client and through the recommendation of the member, we were hired by the client. The matter continues. This is a great example of the many benefits of membership in TAGLaw and TAG Alliances.”

—Greg Noschese; Munsch Hardt (Texas, USA)

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