Success Stories

harper nysingh von briesen bressler“Alex Lever of Nysingh (Netherlands) referred a client to us last year who was looking to acquire a competitor in British Columbia. The acquired firm also had employees in Wisconsin, and we were able to retain von Briesen to look after US employment and corporate matters there. The client subsequently hired a North American director of sales from a competitor out of New Jersey. We were also able to retain Bressler, Amery & Ross in New Jersey to look after the employment matters and restrictive covenant issues that arose in that jurisdiction. The client was extremely pleased with the exceptional service they received from TAGLaw firms.”

—John Sullivan, Harper Grey LLP (British Columbia, Canada)

bergstein guerrero olivosGuerrero Olivos is a top-tier Chilean firm with which we are glad to have built a robust and, hopefully, longstanding relationship. One of their clients wanted to terminate its distribution relationship with a Uruguayan distributor. The distributor rejected the termination notice and threatened to promote legal actions before the Uruguayan Courts. After several months of diligent collaboration, including various pre-notices, arduous negotiations, and conciliation proceedings, Guerrero’s client managed to successfully terminate its relationship with the local distributor through a favorable out-of-court settlement. We believe that this is a great example of what we can achieve through this excellent legal alliance which is TAGLaw. This is the reason why we encourage and endorse the cooperation between all TAGLaw members.”

—Jonás Bergstein, Bergstein Abogados (Uruguay)

aab burness paull“In May 2015 Scottish Members Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (TIAG) and Burness Paull LLP (TAGLaw) were co-principal sponsors and hosts of the TAG Alliances International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the course of the conference there were numerous opportunities for networking and the topics of the various sessions and presentations included the future of Europe, cross-border dispute resolution as well as firm and practice development, hosted by several key and influential speakers.  

We were delighted to have been able to participate in the conference which provided an excellent platform for the TAG Alliances to get together to discuss topical issues and developments while sharing knowledge, best practices and strengthening relationships.

It is fantastic to be actively involved in this alliance which brings so many benefits to the firms within it and their clients." 

—Neil Dinnes; Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland) and Tricia Walker; Burness Paull LLP (Scotland)

schnader coblentz“We received a call from California TAGLaw counsel at Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, California, USA) when one of their clients in the financial industry was facing significant litigation in a consumer fraud case. We were offered the opportunity to have members of our litigation team meet with the client and its counsel and that led to our being retained to defend the litigation. This has been one of the largest matters referred to us through TAGLaw and further proves the value of membership.”

—Ralph Wellington; Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP (Pennsylvania & Delaware, USA)

“Our firm has utilized numerous TAGLaw members to our satisfaction, and more importantly, to the satisfaction of our clients. These connections span the globe including markets such as Korea; Manchester, England; Cyprus; Düsseldorf, Germany; and Illinois & Kansas in the US. In servicing our clients’ international needs, responsiveness is key and we are very pleased with the ability to seamlessly connect with TAGLaw colleagues from around the world. Thanks to TAGLaw, we are an international firm.”

—Martin von Willebrand; HH Partners Attorneys-at-law Ltd (Finland)